The moment you self-publish a book, you are a publisher. You are now a business owner.

Glass Goat Publishing is a small publishing house founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2018. It was created as a professional business title for a self-publishing author but immediately expanded to take on publishing duties of a local Literary Journal. While the literary journal is now defunct, GGP continues to put out books and help inspire other writers and authors.

The founder, Yvonne Glasgow, chose the name “Glass Goat” because it was a cute romantic pet-name from her husband, a play on her last name.

Glass Goat Publishing is currently the home of books by Yvonne Glasgow, but may be publishing other works, including anthologies, in the future.

Genres you’ll find through GGP include; Poetry, Children’s Picture Books, Wellness, Horror/Science Fiction, and New Age (published for The Art Of Dreams And Divination).

Aside from self-publishing the works of one person, GGP is here to help mentor current and future authors and writers. Yvonne has 20 years of professional writing experience and has been a published author since 2008. If you need advice on writing, can’t figure out how to launch your freelance writing career, or are looking for tips on self-publishing, GGP offers mentorships and an affordable rate.

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Logo art for GGP created by C.R. Warner.