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What do Peter Cottontail and Cthulhu have in common?

What better way to start this fresh new blog than a quick little book review. That’s what you’ll find in this blog- books. From some sneak peeks of future books from GGP, to tales in current GGP books, and, of course, reviews of books that have NOTHING to do with GGP, like this one.
A Cutie Cthulhu Book: Peter Gug-Rabbit and the Dreamscape Cloak by Bianca Andrews


As a long-time Lovecraft fan, how could I not be intrigued by any book listed as a “Cutie Cthulhu” book? It also helped that the author is a Facebook friend. So, just in time for Easter to close, I dove into this tale of the old ones and fluffy bunnies.

I love the writing style and the images Andrews evokes through this retelling of a timeless tale. I found myself panicked as the little rabbit ran from the mad farmer. I found myself wanting to see what the ritual the family of rabbits participated in would bring forth.

And then the story seemed to end abruptly. I even double-checked that I hadn’t somehow messed something up. Maybe this is the point- you’re left hanging. Is Peter the great Cthulhu? I can only hope there is a sequel to this clever story that will fill me in and give me the answers I am longing for.

I highly recommend this little tale for anyone that is a Lovecraft fan or enjoys occult tellings of any kind. This isn’t your child’s Peter Cottontail story.


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