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National Poetry Month Book Review: Freedom for Me by Jessica Lucci

51SRejN2X5L._SY346_I was lucky enough to get a free gift from Jessica Lucci today. It was a copy of her new poetry book that was just released yesterday. I wasn’t given this book to review it, but I felt such a connection to Lucci’s words that I was compelled to say something about it. A Kindle copy of Freedom for Me is only 99 cents on Amazon.

The book’s intro immediately caught my attention. It’s a message to people going through, or who have gone through, domestic abuse, letting them know they are not alone. As someone that has survived domestic abuse (and more), I felt drawn to get reading. As I read, I began to feel a kinship with Lucci and found a lot of similarities in her experiences with my own, which can be read about in my own poetry book that touches on abuse, Fighting With Myself.

One poem that really resonated with me was “Days and Nights.” This perfectly describes what my days and nights were like with my ex-husband. I learned so many lessons from going through 8 1/2 years of domestic abuse, which I had not seen or acknowledged myself until I was diagnosed with high blood pressure out of the blue and was driven to find out what had me so dang stressed.

Anyway, back to the poems. “Disgust and Desire” reminded me of my sexual relationship with my ex-husband. Forcing yourself to do your “wifely” duties is painful and heartbreaking, AND it IS sexual abuse. Having sex when you don’t want to, even if it’s with a husband/wife, is still sexual abuse, it’s still rape.

“For the World to See” captures that feeling once you’ve gotten free of an abusive relationship. It’s like you’re a newborn adult in a strange world, still afraid to let others in. I could keep going on about how I relate to poem after poem in this collection, but I won’t.

I will say that this is a well-written collection of poetry. You’ll find a blend of poetic styles, some rhyming and some freeform. You will find tears, pain, and more. “If he had loved me” ends one of the many poems in this book and that rang so true with me too. I wasn’t loved in my previous marriage. I was a means to an end. I was used so that he didn’t have to be alone. I was his second choice, and he made sure I always knew that.

Lucci’s poetry will evoke painful memories if you’ve ever been in a bad relationship, but it’s also an inspiring tome that will remind you of why it’s so important to be free.



Creative Genius - Yvonne has been writing professionally since 2000. Prior to that, she got her writing start as a poet. Yvonne has a passion for writing about health & wellness topics, creating music reviews that spark interest, and she has a passion for all things macabre.

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