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The Crescent Stone by Matt Mikalatos

51rF0Y+4o3L._SY346_The Crescent Stone is a tale that will take you to strange lands, where you’ll meet strange people (both good and bad), you’ll find out what makes a girl have to choose between living her life with her family or fulfilling a promise to fight for strangers in a strange land.

Mostly, this book is the story of Madeline Oliver, a girl with a lung disease that is killing her. Then, it’s also about her “friend” (they were lab partners) Jason. It’s about the land of the Elenil and their fight against the Scim warriors, as well.

What I Loved About This Book

I don’t speak that word loosely – I LOVED this book. I really enjoyed the world that Mikalatos created within these pages. His details are amazing, though most of the detail revolves around the many races of people within the story. So many different types of people (creatures?). You feel like you’re inside the story.

The story is well-written, keeping you hooked from page to page. There were nights when I found this book hard to put down. What kept me reading was a need to know what would happen with Madeline. Her friend Jason is a bit of a “wild card,” and seems to be causing issues for her every chance he gets – so you’re left continually wondering which of his “pranks” are going to cost Madeline her life.

In the end, though, Madeline is able to make her own choice about life and death.

This book didn’t make me cry, but it had the potential, and I bet future tales will bring tears.

I received this book from Tyndale in exchange for my honest review.



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