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The Codependency Recovery Plan by Krystal Mazzola

419VFjdqK5L._SY346_Codependency is common, more common than you’d like to admit. However, it’s not a healthy thing to live with. When you depend on someone else for your emotion livelihood, you’re going to get hurt. So, how do you stop the cycle of attachment?

Without going into the 5-steps in this guide (you need to buy it and read it to get that information), this book teaches you how to better communicate, which is the key to setting boundaries. Boundaries will keep you from being a people pleaser and they’ll help you learn to understand your own worth.

This book is a literal step-by-step guide to helping you understand exactly what codependency is and how to break free from your own cycle of codependency.


I received this book for free from the publisher.


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