Gut Health Diet For Beginners by Kitty Martone

51GelW372zLI suffer from many gut issues, including IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, though I think it has a new name these days). I chose to review this cookbook (even though I already have too many cookbooks) because of the fact that I hoped I’d find some relief inside this book. I am, slowly.

The Gut Health Diet for Beginners is more than just a cookbook. It’s a guide that will lead you on the path to a happier tummy. It’s filled with recipes made with foods that soothe ailing stomaches and increase your overall digestive health.

OK, aside from the fact that this is a cookbook with a meal plan, some other things that set it apart from your typical cookbooks is that it includes information on how your gut works and how food affects your gut.

The recipes offer a little something for everyone. There are recipes that vegetarians and vegans can eat, there are recipes for meat eaters, there are smoothies, and there are even desserts. The salads, stir-fries, and soups are my favorite recipes.

I am looking forward to trying all of the ones that sound appetizing (passing on the seafood options). What I like most is that the majority of the recipes use fresh foods (like fruits and veggies without cans and freezers).


I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

A Year Of Positive Thinking by Cyndie Spiegel

519XfFFf-vL._SX260_It’s almost December, and you know what that means – It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s Resolution. If you’re not sure what you’re going to resolve to do in 2019, maybe you should consider making this book your resolution. It’s a book of “Daily Inspiration, Wisdom, And Courage.”

I read this for review purposes, all in a few days, but I intend to reread it throughout 2019 and follow closely the wisdom within. I hope that it will inspire me to have an even better year (as 2018 was a very good year for me).

So, the book has a tidbit of information for each day of the year. Sometimes that info takes up an entire page, sometimes a couple dates share the same page. Sometimes it’s simply a quote, other times it’s a tip sharing some way you can better your life. Through this wonderfully positive book, you will learn to imagine, create, manifest, dream, and be more grateful. And more…

I love this book. It is my new guide.


I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

Anger Management Workbook For Kids by Samantha Snowden, MA

51kVJoaew8L._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_As a Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, I love reading books that give me insight in helping people of all ages. When I was working toward my life coaching degree I took a class in anger management, and the ways we express and deal with anger have always intrigued me.

I was fascinated with this Anger Management Workbook For Kids. In fact, I feel like plenty of the fun activities and tips within this book could be used for adults too. Some of us act just like children when we’re mad, don’t we?

This book is an amazing workbook that will help any child dealing with anger issues find new ways to express feelings of annoyance, frustration, and more. Every page has activities and questions that help children learn to pay attention to anger and how it makes them feel. They’ll learn what triggers anger for them, and how to just let it go.

My absolute favorite part of this book is the final quarter of it. This is where the author gets more in-depth with the natural ways you can decrease anger – like using breathing techniques and guided meditation.

This is an absolute must-have book for parents that want their children to learn healthy ways to cope with feelings of anger, even if it’s something as small as a wrinkled forehead because it’s time for bed!

I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

Chess For Beginners by Yelizaveta Orlova

513TFUCf+qL._SX260_Do you know how to play Chess? Do you ever win when you play? I can’t remember the last time I won a Chess game (IF I ever won one), so I am hoping this book will help me with that. The problem is, my husband has been taking online classes to learn Chess strategies AND he’s also checking this book out – so it’s pretty likely I’ll still never win a game.

Whether I win or not, Yelizaveta Orlova’s Chess For Beginners is a winner. There are two things I noticed right from the start when I opened this book – it’s not all pictures, and it has a lot of words in it. Let me explain –

There are tons of pictures inside this book. They are diagrams that let you see the strategy as it plays out. However, there is also a description with each strategy. The descriptions go over why a move is a good one, or why it’s a bad one.

At the start of the book, you get all of the know-how you need to play Chess even if you’ve never played before in your life. You’ll learn the history of Chess too, which is pretty cool (especially if you’re a game nerd like me).

It’s going to take me a few games to really study this book fully, but after one read-through I know it will be beneficial as someone that wishes they were even just a little better at Chess.

I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.


Pilates For Beginners by Katherine Corp and Kimberly Corp

51ORbD-OR7L._SX260_I got into Pilates when I picked up a video that combined Yoga and Pilates together. I enjoyed the higher intensity (at the time) of Pilates and found it meshed well with the lower intensity and flow of Yoga. Since then, my husband has started doing Pilates. We like the focus on the core you get from this type of workout.

We’ve both been doing Pilates enough to feel like we’re no longer beginners, but we’re still new to this type of fitness. Because of that, I figured a book on Pilates that was geared toward the beginner would be a great addition to both our home library and our workout reference materials.

I like that there are plenty of pictures in this book so you can see what you’re supposed to be doing. However, it’s also rife with words – so you get to read the step-by-step instructions to ensure you’re doing each move correctly.

Even if you have some Pilates videos, or follow along with classes online, this book is still beneficial to you. Why? Well, aside from walking you through the basic moves of this workout regimen, Pilates For Beginners also includes some useful information that will help you do it right!

My favorite parts of the book are the visualizations and the precautions. The visualizations let you know how to picture your body to help you properly do each move (like picturing yourself as a tree…). The precautions let you know if this is a safe position for you to take or not depending on health conditions and other factors.

This is an A+ book, and it would make an excellent gift for the newly fitness-minded person in your life!

I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

Algoma Ghost by Russell Slater

511hdy30exL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I am both a lover of the horror genre and a former ghost hunter. Because of that, this book called to me. Russell Slater is a friend of mine, but this is the first of his books I’ve read. For transparency purposes, I want to point out that I purchased this book from Amazon (it was not a review copy given to me), and Russell doesn’t even know that I am doing this review! He shared a link around Halloween, and once I had the funds, I placed the order.

Anyway, onto the book…

This fun (OK, it’s not “fun,” but to me, horror anything is “fun!”) fictional tale isn’t for children, and it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s almost like a ghost story within a ghost story since it covers a ghostly tale from the past and then jumps into “now” with some teens doing typical teen things (in this case, raising the evil spirit of a child murderer through the use of a Ouija board).

Whether the tale of Elias Friske and Hell’s Bridge is true or not, something sinister happens quickly in the pages of this book, within the town of Rockford, MI. Is it the ghost of a long-dead murderer killing animals and people, or is it something else – something maybe even more sinister?

There was a nifty twist in the story that I really liked. It’s a ghost thriller filled with spirits, murder, occultism, and all of the spooky things you’d expect from such a book.

I just finished reading Bentley Little’s The Revelation a few weeks ago, and I found that Slater’s book had the same feel (though much shorter). Two completely different stories and outcomes, but Algoma Ghost gave me some of the same chills nonetheless.


Express Yourself: The One-Year Journal For Girls

51pIi2mp-QL._SX346_BO1,204,203,200_As a creative soul, I love looking at books about creativity – even when they’re for kids. Express Yourself is a one-year creativity journal that is geared toward girls or anyone that wants to embrace their feminine side (really). There really wasn’t anything in the book that couldn’t be loved by boys or transgender teens and pre-teens as well.

As a journal, it includes one week worth of entries across every couple of pages. It’s basically a journal, but it gives you prompts and inspiration galore. It’s not a journal so much about “creating” things. The creative part is in the writing (I’m a writer, so that’s the most creative pastime for me).

It’s a colorful and fun journal. Journaling takes just minutes a day to do, and it’s a great way to be able to look back at your life. With 5-lines for each day of the week, you won’t be writing a ton, but it’s a great way to remember some of the best things from that day or a great place to jot down your coolest ideas.

Each week includes a quote, like “Accept who you are, unless you’re a serial killer.” Ellen DeGeneres said that. It also includes prompts about your dreams, your crush, and more. One of my favorites is the page that has a fill in the blank for “I just can’t stop thinking about…” I can’t stop thinking about writing and creating!

If you have a teen or pre-teen in your life that has an affinity for words, this would be a great gift for them. It’s available on Amazon.

I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.