Book Shelf

Books by Yvonne Glasgow

Yvonne Glasgow published her first book in 2008. Frankie the Firefly Belongs was published through Publish America. Two years later Yvonne started self-publishing. Since then she has published numerous poetry books, wellness books, and children’s picture books. Many of her works are now out-of-print, but she’s always working on her next story.

#supportgrandrapids Literary Journal

#supportgrandrapids originally launched in late 2016 as a print-only ‘zine. In 2017 it was taken out-of-print. June 2018 marks the relaunch of #supportgrandrapids, but this time it is a Literary Journal. The focus is on creatives in the Greater Grand Rapids Area. From cultural stories and interviews with creatives to short stories and poetry from local creatives, there’s a little something for everyone in this journal, available in print and Kindle formats.

Books by Dogopus (Coming Soon!)

Dogopus is a fortune teller puppet- half dog, and half octopus. With the assistance of his handler, Yvonne Glasgow, Dogopus tells people the future (using tarot cards and his trusty magic eight ball). Dogopus will be penning his own fortune-telling and occult books.