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11/27/18 UPDATE – I am being swamped with review requests. Due to this, I will only be considering the following genres for free reviews until further notice –

  • New age and occult books (NON-FICTION)
  • Poetry collections
  • True crime
  • Self-help books
  • Reference style books

When submitting, please include a short paragraph about why I want to read this book and how many pages the book is, as well as a link to it on Amazon. Don’t just send me your Amazon synopsis, be creative if you want me to consider your book for review.

I’m not going to charge you. I do expect a free book. I accept Kindle (, PDF, and physical copies only. Requests should be sent to If you want to mail me a book, I will share my physical address with you via email in a follow-up.

I won’t review every book pitched to me – but if I do pick your book, I promise an honest review.

I can’t guarantee a specific turnaround time, but your book will be read in the order in which it’s received. I will post the full review here, on this blog, and shorter reviews on both Amazon and Goodreads.

Looking forward to seeing what you’ve written!