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A Daily Dose Of Dad Jokes

51j9iKQYDCL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_Sometimes I request free review books so I can pass them on to my husband. This is one of those books. I’m not a fan of terrible jokes, but they make me laugh when he tells them.

To be completely transparent, I didn’t read this book from front to back. I skimmed it well, and read a joke here and there. I wanted to save them so my husband can tell me his favorites once he reads it.

So, A Daily Dose Of Dad Jokes is a collection of 365 jokes to get you through a year of dumb jokes that will make most people shake their heads. If you’re a dad, or you like dad jokes, you’ll love this book.

My husband is reading it right now and told me a couple. He was even happy to see one of his favorites within the pages of this punny tome.

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The Self-Care Prescription by Robyn L. Gobin, PhD

51YaFQA75zL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I talk to people about self-care all of the time. As a holistic life coach and spiritual counselor, I can’t say enough about the importance of taking care of yourself. Whether you’re single and alone or raising a family, you matter. You matter to your family, your friends, your colleagues, and sometimes even strangers. When you don’t take care of yourself, it’s harder to find the energy to take care of other people.

So, onto this stellar book that I got for free from the publisher. I love it. I mean, I covered many of the things in this book in my now out-of-print Reconnecting With yourself, but all writers covering similar topics will look into things differently and give different insight. No matter how many self-care books and articles you’ve read, I can bet you’ll find something extra in Robyn L. Gobin’s The Self-Care Prescription.

Sel-care encompasses more than physically caring for yourself. You also require social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional self-care. All of these things are covered in this amazing book.

Each section has so many important tips in them to help you better your life and feel whole again. Did I mention I am in love with this book?

Social Self-Care: This section is all about the importance of healthy friendships, having fun, and taking time to unwind.

Physical Self-Care: Learn to eat right, take time for exercise, and the importance of getting a good night’s sleep.

Intellectual Self-Care: Learning new things all of the time is so important. Even if you learn something simple. Find a hobby. Discover your passions.

Vocational Self-Care: Our jobs are an integral part of life. This section will help you take better care of yourself on and off the job.

Spiritual Self-Care: Whether you’re religious or not, your spiritual self-care will help with positivity, joy, and faith. Learn about meditation and self-realization.

Emotional Self-Care: Emotional health includes learning when to say “no,” identify your triggers, and don’t dismiss your emotions.

This book will change your life.

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Mastering Memory by Brad Zupp

514JL+znpNL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_My memory is awful. I can chalk it up to either my anxiety or pills I was on for three or more years for my anxiety. Maybe it’s smartphones — that easy access to phone numbers — that made my mind lazy. Who knows? Whatever the reason, I was intrigued by Brad Zupp’s Mastering Memory because of my fading memories.

This book has a ton of tips and tricks, or “hacks” (if you’re into buzzwords) to help you increase your short-term memories. Each trick is mapped out to make it easy to test out for yourself. Some are easier than others.

If you’re tired of forgetting your grocery list and then missing a bunch of items from the list, the hacks in Mastering Memory could help you. There are memory hacks for just about anything you need to remember. There are general tricks and specific ones — like how to remember where you parked your car.

I got this book for free from the publisher. This is an unbiased review. The book is cool.

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Bigger Than All The Night Sky by Rose Rosetree

biggerthanallthenightsky-194x300I want to begin with the fact that this is an intriguing memoir about life, growing up, and spiritual awakening. The author’s story begins at birth, a page in each of our personal unwritten memoirs most of us don’t remember. Even when I focus my intent on childhood, I can only get back to about age 5.

Bigger Than All The Night Sky is laced with childhood trauma, lessons in failure, messages from God, and all of the typical things we each experience as we make our way through childhood. Rose’s story is a tale that evolves with her spiritual awakening, a life that leads her to be a future spiritual leader. It’s an inspiring story for people like me, who are on their own everlasting spiritual journey.

It’s an easy and quick read, as you get sucked into poetically written words of the author’s life. She is a poet, not just a spiritual guide, after all. This is one of the things that attracted me to the book – souls alike.

Bigger Than The Night Sky is a lifelong tale, but it won’t take you a lifetime to get through it. What you will find is that it inspires you to follow your dreams, to find your path. This is a profound read – if you’re ready to change your life, I highly recommend it. We all have a greater purpose; by learning how Rose found hers, maybe you’ll be able to do the same.

The author herself sent me this amazing book for my unbiased review.