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Stop Wasting Time by Garland Coulson


41+zJRGoHYL._SX355_BO1,204,203,200_I procrastinated in writing reviews for a stack of books I’ve read since January. This book, subtitled “End Procrastination in 5 weeks with Proven Productivity Techniques,” is one of those books. It’s a great book with some excellent tips, but I’m better at procrastinating than I am learning not to procrastinate.

Let me add, I’m not saying this book doesn’t work. It will work if you want it to. My type of procrastinating is creative, functional, and productive… so I kind of enjoy it. Some of the creative things I come up with when I am procrastinating turn into my best projects and ideas. Why would I give that up? But, if you really want to quit procrastinating, this book will help you (if you let it).

Stop Wasting Time contains lessons on how to stop avoiding the things you need to get done, how to take control of your email and your social media, and how to deal with other people that may be adding to your need to procrastinate. It’s an easy-to-read book with exercises and takeaways that push you right into learning and getting the job done!


This was a free book from the publisher, and this review is unbiased!