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Rebel Eyes by Dmitry Wild

51+P5w2oCJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_I’m a poet at heart. I got my start as a writer by creating poetry. The first book I ever “published” was a poetry book (in first grade). The first thing I ever actually got published was a poem. So, when I get the chance to read the works of a fellow poet, I take it. Dmitry sent me his book for an honest review.

Rebel Eyes is a collection of more than poetry. It includes prose and some stream of conscious writing (LOVE THIS).

Wild doesn’t share his story in a bio in this book, so you’re left guessing about him by what you read in his prose. From what I can tell, he came to the United States from Russia. As an immigrant, he experienced a different life than I, which made reading his words even more intriguing. I was able to delve into a life I’d never experienced and learn the similarities and differences between us.

The book is an energetic read. There are highs and lows, putting you on a roller coaster of life and emotion. You’ll get an understanding of Wild’s life, his love, and his dreams, while also feeling like you’re a part of it.

I enjoyed this collection of words. I highly recommend it for poetry lovers and lovers of biographies, as I feel like it’s a great look into one person’s life.