Anger Management Workbook For Kids by Samantha Snowden, MA

51kVJoaew8L._SX398_BO1,204,203,200_As a Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor, I love reading books that give me insight in helping people of all ages. When I was working toward my life coaching degree I took a class in anger management, and the ways we express and deal with anger have always intrigued me.

I was fascinated with this Anger Management Workbook For Kids. In fact, I feel like plenty of the fun activities and tips within this book could be used for adults too. Some of us act just like children when we’re mad, don’t we?

This book is an amazing workbook that will help any child dealing with anger issues find new ways to express feelings of annoyance, frustration, and more. Every page has activities and questions that help children learn to pay attention to anger and how it makes them feel. They’ll learn what triggers anger for them, and how to just let it go.

My absolute favorite part of this book is the final quarter of it. This is where the author gets more in-depth with the natural ways you can decrease anger – like using breathing techniques and guided meditation.

This is an absolute must-have book for parents that want their children to learn healthy ways to cope with feelings of anger, even if it’s something as small as a wrinkled forehead because it’s time for bed!

I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

A Glass Half Empty? …or Half Full? by Dan Schuck

51792AdwC-L._SX260_I love self-help books, and this one is glorious. Why is it awesome? Well, it covers a topic we all know, and it does it in a quick, neat, and fun way.

The question of whether or not your cup is half full or half empty isn’t always easily answered. A Glass Half Empty? …or Hald Full? gives you a new perspective on the age-old question. It helps you understand what each option means, and shows how we can all fit into both, or neither, category.

I had fun reading this book. The varied fonts make it easy on the eyes. Since it looks like a kid’s book it helps you feel those positive youthful feelings as you read it. The pictures are the perfect addition to make this a fun and education read that will help you see that it doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty, as long as you’re continually replenishing it!

I highly recommend you grab a copy on Amazon!

The Complete OCD Workbook by Scott M. Granet, LCSW

515YZJNfjdL._SX403_BO1,204,203,200_The Complete OCD Workbook is just what it sounds like – it’s a book full of pertinent information on how to work through OCD.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Free Yourself From Intrusive Thoughts And Compulsive Behaviors.

The book begins with a rundown of what OCD is. I found it interesting to learn that there are different expressions of OCD. Some people may exhibit more than one OCD habit, while someone else may only have one symptom (for lack of a better word). Or, you might not even realize that some of your habits are ODC related.

There are many types of mental illnesses that have some sort of relation to OCD – including hoarding and various irrational fears. The checklist section at the beginning of this book will help you get a better understanding of the many forms of OCD and which ones may affect you.

Because it is a “workbook,” there are plenty of pages where you can go through and fill in information that will help you understand your illness and learn how to control your thoughts and urges.

I love that this book takes a holistic approach to free your mind – The author suggests using things like mindfulness, as well as treatments like ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). You will learn how to directly apply the therapies in this book into your life.

I like that it also includes exercises to help you be more aware of your actions and reactions, like keeping a list of your thoughts and how you reacted to certain situations. Then you look at how you could have reacted better.

Your OCD doesn’t have to control you. This book may be able to help. Just remember – do not stop taking medications without permission from your doctor.


I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.

Stop Bingeing, Start Living by Shrein H. Bahrami

51bYP2IVUpL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Ever eaten an entire bag of chips in one sitting and then felt bad about it? Do you do this often? Has it been going on for 3 months or more? If so, it could be a problem – binge-eating can lead to other eating disorders. And, like other eating disorders, binge-eating can be a symptom or sign of an emotional disorder as well.

Stop Bingeing, Start Living‘ is a book that not only takes an in-depth look at binge-eating, but it also covers the step you can take, on your own even, to curb your need to eat too much and learn to have a better relationship with your food.

What I love most about this book is that it takes a holistic approach to healing the underlying causes of your binge-eating. Once it walks you through bingeing, to help you understand it, it then covers how to rewire your brain so that you can look at food, and your relationship with it, differently.

I love the array of tips and exercises offered within the pages – it’s definitely written to guide you toward freedom from your addiction to food. The author introduces you to things like CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy), to help you with a mindful eating plan.

This book will help you be in control of food, instead of making you feel like food is in control of you. I binge-eat junk food when it’s in the house, and this book is helping me see that I am in control of how much I eat, and I don’t have to eat all of something just because it is there – I am learning new ways to cope with my “boredom” eating habits.


I received this book free from the publisher, and this is an honest and unbiased review.